wedding dress

You have spend months looking for the perfect dress and the one that you have been dreaming of since you were a kid so lets not spoil it. 

if your dress does busle up this is amazing as the work is already done. 

If not grab a hair babble and attach it to your wrist but scooping it through. if this doesn't work let the hubby hold it. 


Learning a new dance can be so daunting and not for everyone. My approach is to make it fun, enjoyable and also easy. From learning the waltz to the jive to a full out bridal flash mob I will make sure everyone leaves happy, knowing the dance and of course with a smile. 

It's all about the pace, the knowing and the knowledge. If you want to dance the samba, the jive, the waltz then you have come to the right place. I am able to do 100's of styles and if I am not able to help one of my amazing professional tutors will be able to help. It's about YOU and your special day. if you don't want to do something you don't do it. It's your day, your image and your love for each other. 

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After learning the dance the last thing you want to be worrying about is slipping and sliding. 

Coca Cola, not Diet Coke as there is no sugar. Put a tiny bit on the floor and scuff your shoe over it. The glucose in the sugar will allow a bit of traction. 

If you know its gonna be slippy another cheeky tip is you use a grater on the sole to help. ONLY if they are your shoes not a rental. 

Mark Cameron Dance

your first dance

Preparing for a wedding can be daunting enough without the fear of the dreaded FIRST DANCE! Most hate it some love it but I am sure after a lesson or to with me you will leave enjoying it. 

My lessons are bespoke to you and your partner. With your song being your special song its only fair to make the dance match that and your personalities.  

tips for your big day

"First of all Mark was so easy to speak to and discuss our idea and plan. Not only did he put everything we wanted into the dance but he made both myself and my husband feel so at easy during the lessons. 

He helped and demonstrated and was so professional and funny."